About Studio Fit One

Our Philosophy

We believe total fitness should be highly effective, fast, fun, and not injure you – a lifestyle, not a passing fad. We deliver on our promise three ways.

  1. Classes: Because of the patented new Fit One X3, our group classes go beyond the ordinary. The X3 stands for three proven exercises in one machine – a cardio bike, core ball, and resistance bands. Three workouts at the same time saves time and accelerates results. You'll do a different stimulating move every minute or two, so you'll never be bored. And you ride on air without impact or injury. It all adds up to a total breakthrough in total fitness. Once you try your first class, you'll understand there are no more barriers to the new you!
  2. Coaches and Community: Classes are led by certified instructors, who are there to coach you every step of the way. And you'll work out with both old and newfound friends within a fitness community. With the encouragement of coaches and community, you'll develop a long-term lifestyle of fitness.
  3. Nutritious Healthy Eating: Total fitness requires cardio, core, strength, and nutrition. You'll receive our New You Nutrition Plan, which features delicious and healthy foods that actually speed up your metabolism. We also offer other nutrition resources to promote a long-term lifestyle of healthy eating.


Studio Fit One is located at 1965 E. Maple Street, North Canton, Ohio, in The Marketplace at Washington Square. We are across the street from Walsh University. This plaza is loaded with amenities such as healthy dining venues, a grocery store and a variety of salons. Treat yourself to a great workout as you go about your daily routine. We have plenty of parking, so come on in!

Our newly renovated studio is an intimate setting with a hip, industrial vibe. Classes start at the top of every hour, so there's always something going on. Drop in and have a look around, or better yet, grab a free workout! The first session is free, because we know you'll be back! (Call and Walk-Ins Only)

What to Bring

You'll definitely want to bring a towel; the Fit One X3 workout is all about sweat. Although we have a variety of beverages for sale, you're welcome to bring something along to drink. We have storage for your belongings, and changing rooms. The best thing you can bring is a friend!

About us

At Studio Fit One, you will experience a total breakthrough in total fitness. There are no more barriers to a new you, because fitness is fast, impact free, and it's fun.

Our beyond the ordinary group exercise classes feature the patented new Fit One X3. The X3 combines three proven exercises, a cardio bike, core stability ball, and resistance bands in a single machine - for a superior workout.

Contact us

1965 E. Maple Street
North Canton, OH 44720
P: (330) 818-0790
E: sales@studiofitone.com

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