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Classes are 45 min.
Customized for beginner, intermediate and elite exercisers
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7:00 AM to 11:00 AM
4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

8:00 AM to Noon

July 3rd - Closed 4PM-7PM
July 4th - Closed 8AM-Noon

Studio Fit One
1965 E. Maple Street
North Canton, OH 44720
In Washington Square across from Walsh

Studio Fit One’s group exercise classes features the incredible new innovation, the Fit One X3. It combines 3 proven exercises in one machine – a cardio bike, core ball, and resistance bands – to produce 3X’s the results. 1) Cardio: #1 calorie burning workout burns more calories than spinning, treadmills, ellipticals, and aerobic classes. 2) *Core: Engages 347% more core muscles than a stationary bike for a stronger core providing better balance, breathing, posture and lower back health 3) Strength: Strengthen and sculpt all your bodies 620 muscles, including thighs, hips, glutes, waist, abs, and upper body.

There are no more barriers to the new you, because the three reasons people don’t work out have been removed – lack of time, discomfort/injury, and boredom. Instead of spending 90 minutes in the gym to lift weights, then work your core, and then do cardio - at Studio Fit One you get all three in just 45 min. You ride on air without discomfort and injury. And you do a different stimulating movement every minute, so it’s fun and the workout flies by.

You receive personal training and encouragement from our certified instructors, community support from others in your class, and the latest nutrition information from our trained staff. The result is total fitness and total body transformation guaranteed. The first class is free, because we know you’ll be back. Come and join the new revolution in fitness.

*Based on tests at the University of Akron.

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  • Get To The Core


    Core strengthening means improved breathing, balance, posture, and lower back health, plus flat abs and a slim waistline.

  • Balanced Body


    The Fit One X3 provides a natural rhythmic movement that engages your entire body, to sculpt, strengthen and tone.

  • Burn Fat Faster


    Bike cardio calorie burning is enhanced by the core ball and resistance bands, so you burn 22% more calories than with spinning.

Single Class5 Classes5 ClassesHealthways Prime
$12 $50 $90 We are now contracted and accepting Healthways Prime
Walk-ins Accepted Only $10 per class Only $9 per class Silver Sneakers
Classic Silver Sneakers Class will be held on Wednesdays & Fridays
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FREE Nutrition Info ($7.50 value)
FREE Polar System Trial
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SUMMER SPECIALJUST $24.95/moFirst 3 months Half PriceFREE Shake and Bar ($4.50 value)
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FREE Polar System Trial
Save $75 on membership + $12 of free gifts

Family Membership
One Additional Family Member
$29.95 per month


MEMBERSHIPS: Purchase at Studio only, come visit us to join today.

*Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent. Our machines do not accommodate riders under 4'10".

About us

At Studio Fit One, you will experience a total breakthrough in total fitness. There are no more barriers to a new you, because fitness is fast, impact free, and it's fun.

Our beyond the ordinary group exercise classes feature the patented new Fit One X3. The X3 combines three proven exercises, a cardio bike, core stability ball, and resistance bands in a single machine - for a superior workout.

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1965 E. Maple Street
North Canton, OH 44720
P: (330) 818-0790
E: sales@studiofitone.com

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